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We are an independent Chemical and Electrical engineering laboratory, dedicated to supporting fire investigators. We provide rapid results and analysis to domestic and international customers.

Our rapid turn-around time means that verbal results from analysis and engineering are generally available by the next business day. We follow this with a written report that concisely states our findings.

Forensic and Scientific Testing, Inc. would like to be your source for quality Forensic Chemistry and Electrical Failure Analysis. We hope you will consider us when you have needs in this area.

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Forensic and Scientific Testing, Inc. is an ISO Accredited and independent Forensic engineering laboratory specializing in Fire Debris Analysis, Electrical Failure Analysis, Vehicular Fluid Analysis, Vehicle Analysis, Mechanical Analysis, and Fire Investigation support.

Forensic and Scientific Testing was founded in 1982 by Michael Byron, who has 23 years of forensic fire experience and a masters degree in Chemistry. In 1996, Doug Byron became President and Senior Forensic Chemist. He has a bachelors degree in Chemistry, fifteen years of forensic chemistry experience and numerous industry certifications; which include being Board Certified by the American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) with a specialty in Fire Debris Analysis.

Fire Debris Analysis
Our Fire Debris analysis procedure follows ASTM Standards E-1618. This is the industry standard for identifying all components of ignitable liquids including alcohol in a fire debris sample.

Electrical Failure Analysis and Engineering
Electrical Failure Analysis and engineering can include most any residential or commercial installed wiring, devices, appliances, or machinery. Investigations can include incident site work, laboratory work, or both.

Vehicular Fluid Analysis
Our laboratory also provides vehicular fluid analysis, including oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and gasoline engineering.

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Microscope Examination

Our Approach
In general, all our work complies with industry standard procedures, including NFPA 921 (Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations) and other applicable ASTM standards. In addition, our personnel are ABC Certified and are court qualified to provide expert witness testimony.


Other Support Services

• Forensic Consulting and case review.

• Flame Spread Determination to evaluate the burn rate of questioned items.

• Spontaneous Combustion Tests to detect organic oils.



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